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Ronald D. Davis discovered that dyslexia is not an inherent condition, but a developed one. It is, in effect, a defense mechanism against the confusion that results from the way the person’s brain processes information – it is a way of thinking and learning - a gift.

Persons who develop dyslexia possess a special gift, a brain that is highly talented and intuitive. As a result they have chosen to think mainly in pictures rather than words. Dyslexia is partly inherited; the tendency to develop dyslexia runs in families. Because our brain continues to grow and develop from birth through adulthood, dyslexia is also influenced by learning experiences and environmental factors.

Because dyslexics think in pictures, it is sometimes hard for them to understand letters, numbers, symbols, and written words. The anatomy of what an individual with a dyslexic, ADD/ADHD thinking and learning style experiences in an academic or social setting may be very familiar to you, reader – look for yourself - Anatomy of a Symptom of Dyslexia. They can learn to read, write and study efficiently when they use methods geared to their unique learning style. Dyslexics don’t think with the sounds of words; they just see pictures. They don’t learn words by breaking them up into pieces of sound – that just confuses them and then they become frustrated because they can’t understand what is being said. After a while they stop hearing; just hearing bits and pieces and then they go off – think about something else they like.

Read more about how Davis Orientation Counseling® provides tools for correcting perception in Ronald Davis' breakthrough book, The Gift of Dyslexia.


“To correct dyslexia effectively we have to remove the actual cause of the dyslexic symptoms. When the cause is removed, the obstructions to learning are removed and learning can take place easily and naturally. Correcting dyslexia is a question of removing what is preventing the natural ability to learn. When done properly a dyslexic child will learn quickly and thoroughly, and enjoy it! Thousands of children and adults have been able to remove their obstacles to learning and go on to learn whatever, whenever, and wherever they choose. Using Davis Dyslexia Correction® they have been able to take control of their learning process.” (Robin Temple: Your Child: Dyslexia ©1999)



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