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What some of our clients have had to say about the Davis® program...

“I am just amazed at how well the program has worked for [my son]. We have been able to do homework without crying or whining or scolding.”

- Mother of a dyslexia correction, etc. client 1 month post-program (age 8)


“[My son] did [symbol mastery on] with, without, and within today. He was so happy and loved every minute of it, even the dreaded reading. I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. He was so excited to show his sibling the pictures of his clay models. He also shared with his younger brother how what he was making out of clay was the definition to the word made out of clay, so was not only [my son] re-enforcing what he had just learned, but he was teaching his brother as well.”

- Email from mother of dyslexia correction, etc. client, 1 month post-program (age 9)


“[My daughter] is doing wonderfully. She just finished up her first year at University of Florida, GPA 3.8! She’s in journalism! (to think, newspaper print was the hardest for her!) She's a great writer! She's currently doing an internship with Orange Appeal magazine here in Orlando. (actually, she's already got photo credit for a N. Florida newspaper- front page of the local section!) She still works at Disney and volunteers with Hand On Orlando (works with underprivileged kids). She's a great kid and we're very proud of her.

Orientation was a very important tool for her. Thanks for all you've done. I know she enjoyed the week with you! It really prepared her for the rigors of her high school AP's and honor's classes, which allowed her to get into the college she wanted (she seems to be a Gator, through and through!).”


- Email from mother of dyslexia correction, etc. client 6 years post-program (age 14 at time of program)

“[My son] has had a HUGE improvement already. He reads every sign out loud the he can find . . . something he REALLY struggled with before – he was always asking, “What does that say?” He does symbol mastery once a day and I can’t get over how well he grasps the process of his symbol mastery. Often times he grasps a word’s definition before I do and never has a problem coming up with a clay model to illustrate the image. I am also impressed with his ability to spell the words backwards. He retook his test for the third grade – to be promoted and he passed this time around!” (1 month post-program) 6 months post-program: “He has been doing VERY well in school and keeping up with his symbol mastery. He no longer has to miss his specials (music, art, media, PE, science) because he has brought up his FCAT scores to meet grade level standards. A long way from almost not passing the 3rd grade, huh?”


- Email from mother of dyslexia correction, etc. client (age 8)

“It seems like yesterday that [our daughter] was working with you. But it’s been three years! She’s now into her junior year at Florida Southern. She’s carrying a GPA of over 3 and is lovin’ it. Although she has a 504 plan, her teachers are generally unaware of it. She has been tutoring other students in math. Her selected major is Special Education and the Ed Dept. loves her. So far, she has three offers for employment when she’s done and all have been knocking at her door. So much of this is because of the confidence and self-understanding she developed through you and the program. Thank you.

-Email from father of dyslexia correction, etc. client (age 17 at time of program)


”Yesterday we took [my daughter] to tae kwon do class and to our surprise she was more confident than ever. She was truly focused and had more confidence than I had ever seen. At one point she ran up a mat that leans up against the wall and kicked it 3 times before coming back down on her feet. A stunt most of the kids who are much older failed to do without falling on the way down. It might be hard to imagine what I am talking about but believe me when I tell you that she has never in her life jumped that high. I actually was wondering if It was really [my daughter] I saw do that. We always knew she had a lot of potential that was kept inside due to a lack of confidence. I know for sure that her very recent confidence boost was a result of your program.

I also did spell reading with [my daughter] yesterday, which progressed into sweep sweep spell, which progressed into her reading by herself with picture at punctuation. Prior to yesterday I had really avoided reading with her because it was so frustrating to do. For her and for myself. Now I can't wait to read with her again. Seeing her read by herself with very little mistakes was really an amazing site.

I cannot measure the impact your program has had on [my daughter]. Thank you very
much for what you have done.” (2 weeks post-program) One year later: “I don’t know what to tell you first. [My daughter] got her first degree black belt a few weeks back. When she made her speech she tanked you for helping her with her dyslexia and her balance. Last week we got word that she was granted the 2007 state championship in her age division for weapons. She would always check her alignment before doing her weapon at al tournaments. Last but not least, she took the Stanford 10 earlier in the year and got the highest score in her class of second graders. She got a 96% in math and 99% in reading. The whole school was talking about it and we were in shock. We knew she was doing better but that was unbelievable. Thank you again for making such a difference in [my daughter’s] life.” Three months later: “This school year has started off great. [My daughter] took a reading test called SRI and scored a 700 which is a 5th grade level . . . she is only in third grade.”

- Email from father of dyslexia correction, etc. client (age 7 at time of program)

“[My son] now can ride a bike!!!!! This was HUGE for him . . . so freeing, he says. His self-esteem is at an all time high. On the 10 minute spell read he would get disoriented every minute; now he may make 1 or 2 and corrects himself!!! HUGE!”

- Email from mother of dyslexia correction, etc. client 4 months post-program (age 12 at time of program)


“Dear Ms. Randee,
It was all because of you that I was in the Battle of the Books and I am not an alternate. I am one of the top three and I scored the best score in the class! Thank you for what you taught me and on my report card I got all A’s and B’s.
Thank you sincerely,

- dyslexia correction, etc. client 3 years post-program (age 7 at time of program)

“You have made me feel brave when I read. Thank you for all that you have done for me.
Love, A.L.”


(1 month post-program) and

“Dear Randee,
I can’t thank you enough for the help and support that you have taught me. I am a freshman at Bishop Verot High School and loving each minute of it. I am a member of the J.V. soccer team and of the Mission Club. School is going really well – last quarter I got all A’s and one B with a GPA of 3.86.

- dyslexia correction, etc. client 4 years post-program (age 10 at time of program)


“I thought you might be interested to know that [my daughter] says she uses her orientation when she plays volleyball on a local travel team. She said she finds that if she gets oriented, she is virtually guaranteed of keeping the serve in bounds. Please note that in their last match she had the distinction of serving 12 ‘aces’ in a row. It was a source of pride to her and great enthusiasm from her teammates.”

5 months later: “I write to share one of her successes, trusting that you rejoice as much as we do at your students’ success. Yesterday we received the reports on the standardized test results for last school year. Her school participates in the ERB testing and her class had to participate in the written portion. That exercise had her worried. She reads beautifully, but spelling is still a perpetual challenge for her. Her ERB scores for sixth grade as compared to the national norm group were in the 91st % - 98th % with stanines of 8 and 9! Needless to say, we are delighted for her and she is very happy with the results. We thank you, as always, for the role you played in getting our girl to this point.”

- Email from mother of dyslexia correction, etc. client 2 years post-program (age 10 at time of program)


“Look at my essay; it is getting published. Thanks to you and your help I did it. Essay:
If I could do one thing right now I’d overcome my Dyslexia. I’ve struggled with Dyslexia for a very long time. It’s hard to know the battles you have to face when you’re dealing with Dyslexia. Everything is so hard and stressful when everyone around you doesn’t give you the help or support you need. There’s always a sense of attitude or some kind of yelling out of their mouths. Sometimes I feel helpless because I feel as if I’m being judged. I try to do what I have to do to help myself the best way that I can. Struggling with Dyslexia is not easy. Words are hard for me and when I pronounce them it’s not the way I write them. It takes me a while before I can write the word the right way. Sometimes I make figures with clay to represent the words. I also get a lot of help from a tutor who helps me with words in the dictionary and so much more. Everything she taught me helped me through college to earn my Certificate of Nursing Assistant and I passed. I struggle every day of my life but I will continue to fight with all that I have to achieve my goals.”

- dyslexia correction, etc. client 2 years post-program (age 39 at time of program)



“I’ve been through the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program and the Math Mastery Program, and it has really helped me with my overuses of energy and my focus span and it helps me with my whole entire life. I get on point before I play the drums and everything is so together!”

- dyslexia correction, etc. client mid-program (age 12 at time of program)



“This is from me and my wife about out daughter whom you worked with many summers ago. After finishing at a private Methodist middle school, she went to 9th grade at Tarpon Springs high school and in 10th grade she did get into Palm Harbor based on the school lottery system. In 10th and 11th grade she was a consistent A and B student, rarely asking or needing homework help.

[My wife and daughter] continue to ride competitively in equestrian hunter and jumper competition and each has a top quality horse. [My daughter] would live at the barn if we let her. This year she is at the Tarpon Springs campus of St. Petersburg College, about 1.5 miles away and is driving her own car. She is completing her senior year high school credits and at the same time getting some college credits. She is devoted to the horses, rides 4-5 days a week, and sometimes 2 or 3 horses on the same day. That involves a lot of discipline--brush the horse, put on saddle and tack, clean/inspect the hooves, ride, remove saddle and tack, wash the horse, walk him, put him back in the stall and clean the tack.

Your efforts to help her work with her dyslexia has made a phenomenal and permanent change in her ability to achieve. For a girl who had "balance problems" learning to ride a bike and seemed timid about climbing even in small trees as a child, she is winning jumper competition jumping over 3.5 to 4 foot rails at the horse show. The horse and rider who knock over the least rails in the fastest time wins. If more than one person clears all the jumps in a time less than designated for that round, there is a jump off to determine the winner. She often is 1st or 2nd. There is a great bond for [my wife and daughter] based on their love for horses and dedication to training and competing.

I appreciate all you did to make [my daughter’s] life better and by natural extension our lives better. May God continue to bless you and the work you do helping people.”

- Email from the father of a past dyslexia correction, etc. client



I thought you'd like to know that (my daughter) is doing amazingly well! She rec'd her Florida state test scores back and scored an overall 85%, and on a scale of 1-9 she scored a 7.2. Before the Davis Program she was failing and barely at a first grade level. She was so excited and got all teary eyed because she couldn't believe that she was as smart as the other kids out there. Anyway, I just thought you’d like to know that! She has started reading chapter books and loving them too!

- from mother of 8 year old dyslexia correction, etc. client 6 months after Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program


“Thanks to you and the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program (my son) graduated with a 3.4 GPA and as an Honor student this year!

We are so proud.  He will go to St Pete Junior college and his goal is to fly helicopters. He will look to get into the Coast Guard.

Wanted to share the graduation ceremonies with you.”

-  recent email from mother of a client who experienced a Program when he was in 5th grade


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