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This is what an individual with a dyslexic/ADD/ADHD thinking and learning style experiences in an academic or social setting:

~ Confusion regarding a symbol ~
As people with the dyslexic thinking and learning style read, write or listen they string together pictures in their minds in order to understand what is being read/said/heard/written, and when they come across words for which there is no picture, usually they push on despite the blanks until the sentences are broken up so much that comprehension is lost.

~ Disorientation/perceptual talent ~
Dyslexics have a perceptual talent, triggered by confusion or emotion, which works against them and they subconsciously flip symbols around in their mind and view them from every direction, trying to understand.

~ False sensory perception ~

~ Mistakes ~
To individuals with the dyslexic thinking and learning style these distortions appear as reality; therefore, they make mistakes in what they are reading, writing, or how they react to situations.


~ Frustration ~
Due to making mistakes, reading, writing, and other learning tasks are no longer enjoyable. Individuals become frustrated with the reactions of those around them.


~ Solutions ~
Compulsive behaviors, patterns and mental tricks are adopted to reduce the mistakes and frustrations caused by disorientation: extreme concentration, memorizing rather than understanding, rereading over and over, sounding out each letter of every word, avoiding reading or writing tasks, getting others to read or write for them, hanging around with the “wrong” crowds, becoming “class clown,” withdrawal from social situations, adopting the “I don’t care” attitude, extremely good at making up excuses.


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